by Dead Gum



For hardcore fans only and in the tradition of the bootleg releases that most of us used to listen to when we were young and so on, Dead Gum pays tribute to all those audience recordings which don't sound right. The release is consisted of live recordings captured w/ a distorted, modulated belt mini-amp instead of a microphone and played as clean as could get through-out. As a result, the material itself is been hidden through several layers of noise, unpolished, transmitted through another dimension.


released December 20, 2012

PHR-97 | 2012, Phase!Records



all rights reserved


Dead Gum Αθήνα, Greece

Panagiotis Spoulos (Wham Jah, Reverse Mouth, also labelhead of Phase! in Greece), as Dead Gum, mainly uses guitar and voice through minimal effects to create instant songs, psychedelic collages and direct, stripped-down bursts. The music itself –partially improvised but fully psychographic– has anthropocentric characteristics and lo-fi character and flirts with punk, bedroom pop and analog noise. ... more

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